Transpalite SS Acrylic Specifications

Stanley Plastics regularly have independent material testing and an example of the results are below.

Table showing minimum specified values from
ASME PVHO-1-2012 Versus Stanley Plastics “Transpalite® SS” Acrylic

Physical Property ASME PVHO-1-2012
Specified Values
Transpalite® SS
Example Values
a) Ultimate strength
b) Elongation at break
c) Modulus of elasticity
≥62 MPa
≥2760 MPa
72.9 MPa
3338 MPa
a) Yield strength
b) Modulus of elasticity
≥103 MPa
≥2760 MPa
110 MPa
2790 MPa
Flexural ultimate strength ≥97 MPa 119 MPa
Compressive deformation
at 27.6 MPa and 50°C, 24 hrs
≤1% 0.26%
Ultraviolet transmittance
(for 12.5mm thickness)
≤5% 0.16%
Visual Clarity Must pass readability test Clear and readable
Total residual monomer
a) Methyl methacrylate
b) Ethyl acrylate
≤1.6% 0.91%