Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Stanley Plastics has the facility to Hydrostatically pressure test Acrylic Viewports

Meeting the strict requirements of  ASME-PVHO-1 

All acrylic viewports must be pressure tested in accordance with the ASME PVHO-1 requirements.

According to the ASME PVHO-1 the following rules apply.

Each window shall be pressure tested at least once
prior to being accepted for service.
Test Configuration
The pressure test shall take place with the window
installed in the chamber or placed within a test fixture
whose window seat dimensions, retaining ring, and
seals are identical to those of the chamber.

Test Duration
The window shall be pressurized with gas or water
until design pressure is reached. The design pressure
shall be maintained for a minimum of 1 hr, but not more
than 4 hr, followed by depressurization at a maximum
rate not to exceed 650 psi/min (4.5 MPa/min).

Test Temperature
The temperature of the pressurizing medium during
the test shall be the design temperature for which the
window is rated with a tolerance of +0/−5°F (+0/

On Completion of the pressure test Stanley Plastics issue a VP5 Pressure Test Certificate in accordance with the rules of ASME PVHO -1

Pressure testing can be witnessed by Third Party Inspectorates such as American Bureau of Shipping, DNV – Germanischer Lloyd and Lloyds Register of Shipping.