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Acrylic Viewport Types

Acrylic Viewports – Flat Disc, Conical Frustrum, Double Bevel and Hemispherical

Manufactured from Transpalite SS Acrylic by Stanley Plastics Ltd to current ASME PVHO rules, meeting the strict requirements of American Bureau of Shipping, DNV GL, RINA, Lloyds Register and Korean Register.

Our Viewports are supplied for various applications:-

Diving Chambers

Decompression Chambers

Leisure Submarines

Commercial Research Vessels

Tourist Submarines (Hemispherical and Conical)

Dive Test Tanks



Flat Disc Submarine Viewport With Pen Markings

Flat Disc, Conical Frustrum and Double Bevel Viewports each individually identified

Man Making Flat Disc Windows

Machining of large Flat Disc Viewport, Maximum Machining Diameter 2200 mm

Submersible Windows Being Cleaned

Conical Frustrum Viewport Manufactured from Transpalite SS Acrylic,  one of many 30″ Diameter Viewports

Small Yellow Submarine Floating On The Surface