• Mr Peter Stanley ( Founder)

History From 1950

Peter Stanley founded Stanley Plastics Ltd in 1950 after developing a method of moulding transparent acrylic into attractive shapes to encase objects so that they could be preserved and admired indefinitely.

In the early seventies, due to accelerating demand, the company outgrew the converted farm buildings at Peter Stanley’s home in Hambrook and moved to new premises in Midhurst, Sussex, resulting in a well-equipped casting and engineering facility with over 20 employees, where we are still based today.

In the late 1980s “Transpalite® SS” was developed, a very high grade acrylic used in the manufacture of ASME / PVHO viewport windows, pressure cylinders and for many high specification engineered products. This material has been and still is a specified material for many engineered acrylic products.

Peter Stanley also developed new machinery and new casting techniques and one of his greatest achievements was to develop a process for casting seamless acrylic tubes. We are proud to say that we are still the only UK manufacturer of seamless thin wall cast acrylic tubes.

We now have one of the largest acrylic casting facilities in the world, operated by experienced casting technicians. There are seven Autoclaves; the largest of which is 2.4mtrs in diameter and 4.5mtrs long.

Stanley Plastics Ltd has over fifty years of casting experience and expertise together with the technical skills to meet customers’ expectations; recently casting our largest casting to date weighing over 3500kg.

Following production, products are polished to a very high standard by experienced and conscientious technicians. With the aid of conventional polishing mops and our attention to detail, we produce a high quality visually perfect polished finish.

Stanley Plastics Ltd is a company that shows an example of what can be achieved by one man with a bright idea, the guts to exploit it and the ability to gather a team of people who are not only capable, but also dedicated. Never satisfied to sit back and bask in the sunshine of past and present success, but eager always to keep up the momentum for the future.