• Stanley Plastics Ltd    -      Established 1950

About Us

Stanley Plastics Ltd is recognised as the global industry leader for the supply and manufacture of ASME PVHO Cast Acrylic Windows, Hemispheres, Spheres and Nemo Spheres, all manufactured from Transpalite SS Cast Acrylic.

Stanley Plastics has over 60 years experience developing acrylic products that exceed the requirements of ASME PVHO.

We are based in Midhurst, West Sussex in the UK where there is a well equipped and established casting, machining and polishing facility developed over the years to meet our customers’ expectations. Our viewports are exported to customers globally.

Our staff are a dedicated mix of engineers skilled in all areas of our manufacturing process.

We take pride in understanding our customers’ needs, meeting their requirements and maintaining a Quality ISO9001:2008 System helps us manage our customers’ expectations.